Alpha Delta Phi

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Alpha Delta Phi Crest.png
MottoManus Multæ Cor Unum
(Many Hands, Heart)
FormationOctober 29, 1832
HeadquartersHamilton College
Type• secret society
• interational
Membership• Edwin Booz
• David Culver
• John S. Dyson
• Henry Clay Folger
• David Packard
• John D. Rockefeller Jr.
• Allan Sproul
• Walter C. Teagle
• Salmon P. Chase
• Bainbridge Colby
• James Rudolph Garfield
• Alger Hiss
• Edward M. House
• J. Fraser Mustard
• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• Theodore Roosevelt
• John S. Wold
• Salmon P. Chase
• Oliver Wendell Holmes
• William Randolph Hearst
• Pagan Kennedy
• Henry Luce
• P. J. O'Rourke
• Daniel Pearl
US student society run out of Hamilton College


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