Antonio Nucera

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Antonio Nucera is an officer of the Italian intelligence agency SISMI.

Niger uranium forgeries

Sismi colonel Antonio Nucera gives an on the record interview to Il Giornale, published today. In it, Nucera confirms that it was he who called Rocco Martino, but says that he was urged to do it by the 60 year old Italian lady who worked as a Sismi asset at the Niger embassy in Rome, known by her Sismi codename "La Signora". Nucera says La Signora was eager to make some money and was "fed up with Sismi for not using her any more as in the past." Nucera is quoted, "I thought that she might be interested in cooperating with Rocco." He adds, "It's like when you introduce a bricklayer to a friend who needs him to refurbish his house. I cannot take the blame if, at the end of it, the bricklayer screws everything up." In other words, according to Nucera, the whole Niger forgeries scandal was dreamed up by La Signora.[1]




  1. War and Piece: Nucera on the record, by Laura Rozen, 6 November 2005.