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Official Narrative

"Assassination" is murder, and hence illegal, so is seldom if ever used by Template:Cccm to describe the policies of countries such as USA or UK. The head of MI6 even ventured to say deny that the organisation had ever carried out assassinations. Until the case of Anwar al-Awlaki, the US government too refused to publicly admit it had a policy of assassinations. When this admission was publicly made, the BBC did not use the word "assassination", choosing instead to headline their report "US approves killing US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki".[1]

Targeted Killing

Wikipedia reports that "Targeted killing is the intentional killing – by a government or its agents – of a civilian or 'unlawful combatant' targeted by the government". It gives prominence to the ideas of Georgetown Law Professor Gary Solis, who in his 2010 book entitled "The Law of Armed Conflict: International Humanitarian Law in War" wrote that "Assassinations and targeted killings are very different acts".[2]



Page nameDateCause(s)Official StoryDescription
"Jubilee Plot"An attempt by Irish nationalist patsies to assassinate Queen Victoria and her Cabinate during her Golden Jubilee thanks giving service at Westminster abbey on 20 June 1887
1980 Camarate air crashA covert assassination of Adelino Amaro da Costa, to cover up the October surprise conspiracy.
1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crashA helicopter crash incident which killed all on board, including almost all the UK's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.
1996 Croatia USAF CT-43 crash
2011 Tucson shootingA "lone nut" killing of Justice John Roll
"9-11/The 19 Hijackers"
Zacarias Moussaoui
A complex and spectacular set of events in New York and Washington. The US government was quick to blame Al Qaeda, though no evidence of guilt was presented and there is much suspicion about what Al Qaeda really is. In the USA 9-11 assisted the Patriot Act's roll back of civil liberties, the stepping up of domestic surveillance and the financial advancement of the military industrial complex. Abroad 9-11 helped launched wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that had been planned long before.
Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870
Assassinations prior to 1930
Assassinations since 1945
Avianca Flight 203Pablo Escobar
Brighton bombing
Capital punishment
Colgan Air Flight 3407A plane crash which killed a prominent 9-11 truther, Beverly Eckert
Dag Hammarskjöld/Premature death
Dallas occupy plotA plot to assassinate leaders of Occupy Houston. Although the FBI knew about it, no arrests have been made. Tellingly, although documentary evidence exists, the corporate media has said almost nothing about it.
David Kelly/AssassinationOn 17 July 2003, David Kelly allegedly committed suicide by swallowing 29 co-proxamol tablets and cutting to his ulnar artery (wrist) with a blunt pruning knife. He was writing a book exposing high level corruption at the time and had given no indication of depression. An official inquest was commenced but never completed.
EgyptAir Flight 990
France/Assassinations since 1945
Gerald Bull/AssassinationUnknown
The killing of Gerald Bull as he returned home from his nearby office whilst unlocking the door to his Brussels, Belgium appartment.
JFK/AssassinationLee Harvey OswaldThe assassination of US President John F. Kennedy was the seminal deep political event of modern times, perhaps even more than 9-11. Both were done by the same group. Subsequently the group assassinated RFK, MLK and many others to try to contain the truth.
Jo Cox/MurderThomas Mair
John Lennon/AssassinationMark David Chapman
Korean Air Lines Flight 007Soviet Union
MLK/AssassinationJames Earl RayOfficially a US-government assisted assassination!
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh/AssassinationMahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in his room at the 5 star Rotana Hotel in Dubai having arrived in the country earlier that day from Syria.
Malcolm X/Assassination
Olof Palme/AssassinationChrister Pettersson
Orlando Letelier/AssassinationDINA
Patrice Lumumba/AssassinationA US Deep state backed assassination, ordered by Allen Dulles, which was followed by decades of bloody violence.
Paul Wellstone/AssassinationA crash officially recorded as an accident, but which several researchers consider to have been a covert assassination.
RFK/AssassinationSirhan SirhanThe assassination of Robert Kennedy, who had resolved to bring to track down and prosecute the killers of him brother, JFK, once he had himself become president.
Susurluk car crashA seminal but still rather poorly understood deep event. It led to the coining of the phrase "deep state", and by extension "deep politics" and "deep politician".
TWA Flight 800A suspicious air crash, which occurred simultaneously with a live fire exercise being carried out by the US Navy.
Thomas Merton/Assassination
US/Assassinations since 1945
UTA Flight 772
William McKinley/AssassinationLeon CzolgoszThe Assassination of William McKinley


Assassination victims on Wikispooks

TitleDateCause(s)Official StoryDescription
Jack Agazarian (WWII)
Jaime Roldós AguileraA leader of Ecuador determined to try to better the living conditions of the population. Assassinated by the CIA.
Mostafa Ahmadi-RoshanAn assassinated Iranian nuclear weapons specialist
Mohamed Farah AideedPresident of Somalia assassinated in office
Giorgio AmbrosoliAn Italian lawyer assassinated while investigating Michele Sindona.
Anis AmriSupposed perpetrator of the 2016 Berlin attack, termed "Not independently notable" by Wikipedia.
Galip BalkarAssassinated by Armenians while Turkish Ambassador to Yugoslavia
Stepan Bandera
Guy BanisterA US deep state operative involved in the JFK assassination. Suddenly died after he had attracted the attention of investigator Jim Garrison.
Boris Bazarov
Benazir Bhutto
William Francis BuckleyCIA Station Chief in Beirut, captured by Hezbollah.
Whitey BulgerMKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison.
Gerald BullA Canadian engineer and developer of long-range artillery. Best known for his involvement in the Iraq 'supergun' project.
Mārtiņš BunkusAssassinated lawyer who had worked on suspect financial institutions in Riga
Alexander Burnes
Luigi CalabresiAn Italian policeman who was alleged to have killed a suspect of the Piazza Fontana bombing. Assassinated in 1972, leading to public unrest.
Kiki CamarenaUndercover DEA agent who was abducted, tortured and murdered on assignment in Mexico in 1985
Gary CaradoriAn investigator into the Franklin child prostitution ring, killed with his son in a plane crash.
Park Chung-heePresident of South Korea assassinated in office
William CooperAnnounced around 10 weeks before 9/11 that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple". He was killed by the US Marshals Service less than two months after the event.
Jo CoxJo Cox was a UK politician murdered in the run up to the 2016 EU Referendum. Echoing the assassination of Sweden's Anna Lindh, the event appears not to have greatly influenced the outcome, and was officially carried out by a "lone nut".
Edward CutoloA drug smuggler who named a lot of names about the CIA's drug trafficking, and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.
Ngo Dinh DiemThe 1st President of South Vietnam, assassinated by the CIA.
Hrant Dink
Silme DomingoAssassinated labor activist
Denis DonaldsonSinn Féin member exposed in December 2005 as an MI5 employee. Assassinated in 2006.
Jeffrey EpsteinBillionaire who flew famous people on the Lolita Express to lavish parties on one a private island, which the locals dubbed "Orgy Island" or "Padeophile Island". A compulsive pedophile, he was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, after which people attempted to distance themselves from him. Re-arrested in June 2019, he was reportedly found dead of a "suicide" in prison although questions remain about this.
Iman FadilAn assassinated model.
Franz FerdinandThe archduke whose assassination is widely cited as the proximate cause of World War I.
Daniel ForestierA DGSE agent who was assassinated in 2019
Pim FortuynAn assassinated Dutch politician
Francisco Ortiz Franco
Daphne Caruana GaliziaThe Maltese journalist and blogger who exposed the Panama Papers. Assassinated in 2017 by a car bomb
James GarfieldA US president who was assassinated
Maurice Gibson
Álvaro Gomez-Hurtado
John Francis GreenA member of the North Armagh Brigade of the Provisional IRA.
Walter Guinness
Jacob de Haan
Fred HamptonBlack rights activist, assassinated aged 21
Michael HastingsAn investigate journalist.
Frank HegartySuspected IRA informer
Alfred HerrhausenMulti Bilderberg Chairman of Deutsche Bank assassinated by a sophisticated bomb
Bill HunterA reported who investigated the JFK assassination. Shot dead by a policeman, reportedly accidentally.
Iccho ItohMayor of Nagasaki who denounced the use of nuclear weapons as a violation of international law in the Hague. Assassinated
JFKThe last US president to effectively seek to promote the welfare of the US population.
Kim Jae-gyu
Natacha JaittAssassinated model who became a whistleblower for child sex abuse by Argentina's elite class
Meir Kahaneassassinated
... further results


Related Quotations

"Lone nut"“Nor, for example, is there any reason to interpret the 'lone assassin' verdict, which emerged immediately after the assassination as itself an indicator of the conspiracy at work. On the perspective I am suggesting, almost before Kennedy's heart stopped beating the one thing which everyone involved would have agreed upon, without discussion, never mind coercion, was that a 'lone nut' verdict had to emerge. The 'truth' was not an issue: in politics the 'truth' is simply a tool.<a href="#cite_note-7">[7]</a> The point about the 'lone nut' is that it was then, and remains (cf Hinckley) the only safe explanation for political assassination within America. 'Disney America'<a href="#cite_note-8">[8]</a>, the fantasy pluralist democracy described in the textbooks on the American political system, cannot accommodate planned political assassination.<a href="#cite_note-9">[9]</a>Robin Ramsay1983
Meir Dagan“In my opinion, no terrorist should feel immune, anywhere. I think that a person's life is forfeit the moment he decides to adopt terrorist tactics.”Meir Dagan1998


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Beyond Conspiracy TheorypaperFebruary 2010Lance deHaven-SmithThe article posits a new framework for the analysis of Deep political events and Conspiracy Theories. The term SCAD (State crime against democracy) is explained and developed as a way of connecting the dots across multiple suspect events.
Document:Group 13article1999David GuyattDoes the British Government have a deniable assassination squad? An exploration of evidence that it does.
Document:Off the Leash: How the UK is developing the technology to build armed autonomous dronesArticle10 November 2018Peter BurtThe United Kingdom should make an unequivocal statement that it is unacceptable for machines to control, determine, or decide upon the application of force in armed conflict and give a binding political commitment that the UK would never use fully autonomous weapon systems
Document:Torture, Assassination and the American Way of Lifecommentary17 February 2012Jacob G. Hornberger
File:A.HRC.14.24.Add6.pdfreport28 May 2010The UN Special Rapporteur reports on "targeted killings" by states.
File:Living under drones.pdfpaperSeptember 2012International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic


Convicted of Assassination

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