Document:Mackenzie Institute for the Study of Terrorism, Revolution and Propaganda, extract from The "Terrorism" Industry

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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png book extract  by Edward S. Herman dated 1990
Subjects: Mackenzie Institute
Source: The "Terrorism" Industry

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After leaving the directorship of CCS, Tugwell established the Mackenzie Institute in 1986 in order to educate Canadian citizens about the "new warfare." Mackenzie is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization under the Income Tax Act. The directors of the institute are Canadian right-wingers of little distinction. The institute sponsors seminars and conferences, and publishes a series called the Mackenzie Papers. By mid-1988, seven such studies had been produced, among them Randall Heather's booklet on SDI and terrorism (see NFF above), 'Nicaragua: The Pilgrims' Tales', by Derek Nelson, and 'Soviet Propaganda and the Physicians' Peace Movement', by Jack Rosenblatt. Although the Mackenzie Institute claims to be nonpartisan and concerned to defend the "Western heritage," in fact it is a far-right operation in the tradition of its esteemed British predecessor, the CIA-organized ISC. As we will see [...] peace movements for him (and the institute, which he controls) are always witting or unwitting instruments of the KGB. And just as ISC served so valiantly in England to transform industrial disputes into manifestations of subversion, so Tugwell has long collaborated with Canadian industrialists in attacking environmentalists as dangerous ideologues and lunatics who would use "any means, including violence," to achieve their sinister ends.[1]


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