Ex-CIA man "kill Putin"

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Date2014/08/04 00:00:00 - Present
DescriptionHerbert E Meyer, a senior ex-CIA official calls for the death of President Putin

Herbert E Meyer, a senior "ex-"CIA official called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014.

Further information

The crass ignorant arrogance evidenced in this article, is truly breathtaking. It is however not untypical of men with similar backgrounds to its author; for example a CIA contemporary Duane Clarridge. It affects a pseudo-intellectual air, peppered with (not-so)-subtle threats and exhortations to assassination which its author clearly thinks clever. It illustrates why US foreign policy is so dangerous for people and countries that decline to see things the boss's way.

Here is a brief quotation:

Nor would we object to a bit of poetic justice.... For instance, if the next time Putin’s flying back to Moscow from yet another visit with his good friends in Cuba, or Venezuela, or Iran, his airplane gets blasted out of the sky by some murky para-military group that somehow, inexplicably, got its hands on a surface-to-air missile. [1]

.... and of course Mister meyer would likely know a thing or two about blasting civilian aeroplanes out of the sky, that being a well documented, historically favoured method of dealing with CIA enemies du-jour.

The entire article is an object lesson in the methodology of US foreign policy and the psychopathy of those that run it.


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