Khaled al-Maqtari

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Khaled al-Maqtari was 25 years old when he was arrested by the US military in Fallujah, Iraq in January 2004. He was born in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, but has lived most of his life in Hodeidah, a small city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. He was returned to Yemen after 32 months of CIA detention in September of 2006, and held by the Yemeni authorities in Sana’a and Hodeidah until May 2007, when he was unconditionally released. At no stage during this 40-month period was his detention ever reviewed by a judicial authority, and he was never charged with any criminal offence.

His experiences are typical of hundreds of young Arab men caught up the West's so called 'war on terror' and, by any reasonable standard of judgement, totally innocent of any crime. The Amnesty International report 'A case to answer' [1]provides extensive detail about his case