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Mandy Blumenthal and media lawyer partner Mark Lewis

Mandy Blumenthal is a Jewish businesswoman whose father[Who?] was Lord Mayor of Birmingham is reported to be leaving Britain, blaming "anti-Semitism" in politics and the failure of the UK authorities to enforce the law. She, her partner Mark Lewis[1] and brother Allen Blumenthal (a UKIP candidate) are avowed Zionists.[2]

Heckling and filming

On 9 September 2017, Mandy and Allen Blumenthal attended a West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign (WMPSC) event in Birmingham where Israeli Arab member of the Knesset Ms Haneen Zoabi was speaking. When they started heckling Ms Zoabi, WMPSC activist Sarah Wilkinson grabbed Mandy Blumenthal’s smart phone as she was recording the proceedings and ran with it to the other side of the room.[3] Mandy was seen running after her at which point the two were on the ground wrestling as her brother Allen tried to help. Allen was then grabbed by several of the crowd, but he held his arms high in the air as if to say he was not a threat. Mandy emerged from the floor with scratches and bruises and after some other exchanges, Mandy, her brother and another man were ejected.

Speaking to The Jewish Weekly, Mandy Blumenthal from North West London said that she has been to many pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian events before, but had never witnessed such violence and was still in shock. Clearly finding it difficult to talk, Mandy said:

“The amount of hatred and anti-Semitism that is heard at some of these meetings is awful.”[4]

Making a difference

When asked would Mandy consider pressing charges against this woman Sarah Wilkinson, based on the video evidence by one of their supporters, she replied, “Yes I would.” On the question of whether she would continue to attend these meetings and events, Mandy Blumenthal said “I can tell you that sometimes I have made a difference” and cited the example of Lichfield Cathedral when the Bishop was made aware of some basic facts that he did not previously know about Israel.[5]


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