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Concept.png Media manipulation 
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A series of techniques in which the CCM create an image or argument that favours their particular interests.

Media manipulation is actual fakery or relabeling of media, typically by CCM to form the official narrative.

Media manipulation is a form of propaganda.

“Social media manipulation was pioneered by Israel in 2009, during its Gaza offensive, not by Russia and China. The UK and the US both have had online "psychological operations" for years. Calling out some actors but giving others a free pass does little to address the problem.”
Clare Daly (10 December 2021)  [1]



Page nameDescription
2016 Brussels Bombing/Media manipulationFalse Belgian media reporting on the Mass murder in Brussels
COVID-19/Media ManipulationMedia Manipulation during COVID
Corporate media/Deep state controlOn important topics, control of the corporate media by the deep state is the rule, not the exception.
Mind fuckingMind fucking, or crazy-making behaviors are techniques designed to disrupt people's normal mode of rational thinking


A Media manipulation victim on Wikispooks

Nicki MinajAmerican rapper who has dissented over COVID-19, and been slandered by the legacy media.