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Michael Laurie CBE was appointed Chief Executive of Crimestoppers UK in August 2003 [1]

Military Career

Laurie trained at the British Military Academy, Sandhurst prior to being commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1969. He was a Military Engineer in the Gulf, Belize and, in Northern Ireland as an infantry officer. He later transferred to the Intelligence Corps where he focused on counter "terrorism" operations.

Laurie was promoted to Brigadier and appointed as Director of the Intelligence Corps in 1994 making him head of the British Army's professional intelligence operations. He was promoted to Major General in 2001 and appointed to an intelligence staff position at the Ministry of Defence in 2001; firstly as Director of Joint Warfare and latterly as Director General of Intelligence Collection when he became heavily involved in the processing and interpretation of intelligence in the run up to the Invasion of Iraq in March 2003 [1]

Chilcot Inquiry

Laurie gave evidence to the Iraq War Inquiry in June 2003 [2]. The session was held in private but released to the public with redactions soon afterwards [3] Laurie had previously sent an email letter to the Inquiry on 27 January 2011, disputing the evidence given by Alistair Campbell on 12 January 2011. [4] In spite of its sensational content and the Chairman having referred to it in his welcoming statement, the letter did not figure prominently in Inquiry questioning of Laurie when he later attended in person to give his evidence the following June. [2]. Some have argued that this reflects a lack of forensic questioning abilities on the Inquiry panel; others point to typical establishment response mechanisms when faced with uncomfortable insider information - Wikispooks leans to the latter and the fact that the letter was only released eighteen months later and after the 'private evidence session' supports this.

Corporate Media Commentary on the Laurie Letter

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A Document by Michael Laurie

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File:Laurie-Evidence.pdflegal document3 June 2010Iraq Inquiry


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