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Founder ofMintPress News
Founder, CEO and editor in chief of MintPress News

Mnar Adley (née Mnar Muhawesh) is founder, CEO and editor in chief of MintPress News.[1] In 2016, Zainab Merchant termed her "a Force to Be Reckoned With".[2]


She started her career as an independent multimedia journalist covering Midwest and national politics while focusing on civil liberties and social justice issues posting her reporting and interviews on her blog, which she later turned into MintPress News.

The site and herself has come under heavy attack from the deep state. She wrote in May 2022:

In the last month alone, independent antiwar journalists have been targeted in organized smear campaigns, de-platformed, given “state affiliated” labels on their accounts, and even outright purged off of social media platforms. Youtube has deleted hundreds of thousands of historical videos from prominent antiwar journalists and activists including Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, and Lee Camp, and is demonetizing political content everywhere in an effort to defund antiwar efforts. Our very own Gofundme fundraisers were taken down without reason or an opportunity to appeal.
What this amounts to is little more than a modern-day book burning. The work of the most important dissenting voices of our time is being discredited. Division is being sowed and any information that challenges the corporate and military establishment’s agenda is censored. Meanwhile, the bank accounts of executives at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are being filled at a record pace.[3]