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Concept.png Neocolonialism 

Neocolonialism is a name to express the de facto continued control experienced by nominally independent former colonies. The extent of this is closely correlated with the amount of easily expropriable resources which were being plundered by former colonial masters.

“As colonies won their freedom, old colonial powers were keen to maintain their profitable access to markets and raw materials. Newly elected governments in the colonies were tempted by lucrative contracts into granting licenses. This developed into a simple formula: a supply of money and guns to governments (most of which then abolished elections) in exchange for access to raw materials. As a further corruption, money received ‘in the name of the people’ often went straight into the bank account of a government minister, the account invariably being with a Western bank. For many countries, from colonialism to post-colonialism was a case of ‘out the frying pan, into the fire’. After voting once, people were held in check by machine-guns while their gangster governments, sponsored by outside powers, robbed, terrorized and murdered them. This kind of business proceeded, and proceeds still in many countries today, with the full knowledge of Western powers. Little was done for many decades by the West to restrain their part in it.”
Ivo Mosley (2013)  [1]

In Africa

Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci offered biosecurity as the underlying rationale for their medical neocolonialism project. Paraphrasing the military's Cold War dogma, Gates and Dr. Fauci warned that if we didn’t stop the germs in Africa, we’d end up fighting them in New York and Los Angeles. They echoed, also, the hackneyed crusaders' narrative that they were rescuing the continent from famine, pestilence, and ignorance with superior know-how and breakthrough technologies.”
JFK Jr (2021)  [2]


An example

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Plan ColombiaThis was officially intended to decrease cocaine production and export to the US. On its announcement, Peter Dale Scott predicted that increased involvement of the US military would have an entirely converse effect. His prediction, that the amount of cocaine produced and exported would increase, proved correct.


Related Quotation

Document:Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66“It is only the economic chaos of Indonesia which prevents that country from offering great potential opportunities to British exporters. If there is going to be a deal in Indonesia, as I hope one day there may be, I think we ought to take an active part and try to secure a slice of the cake ourselves.”Michael Stewart
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