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Documents by Paul Mason

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Labour: The Way Aheadarticle31 July 2016Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn
Owen Smith
UK/General election/2017
If Jeremy Corbyn wins on 24 September 2016, we should say to his opponents inside the Parliamentary Labour Party: end the passive resistance. We have something that neither Brown nor Miliband ever had, and which Blairism lost ten years ago. A story that makes sense, a strategy that can win, an unprecedented mass membership; and a leader who, in the face of intense pressure, gets stronger.
Document:Slumlands — filthy secret of the modern mega-citywebpage8 August 2011Slum
Document:The new alliance between anti-vaxxers and the far right is a deadly threatArticle1 August 2021"Terrorism"
World Economic Forum
Nuremberg Trials
Conservative Party
"Vaccine passport"
Great Replacement
"Vaccine hesitancy"
"Far right"
"Though they claim to be “peaceful” setting themselves up as the victims of genocide, the anti-vaxxers give themselves permission to threaten violence.....Those behind the “crime” are said to include governments and the World Economic Forum (WEF)" because the real fascists are the ones that oppose oppressive government mandates and forced injections.


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