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A Snapshot from the Harod Associates report
Interestssocial media
DescriptionA reference used by Harod Associates on a report into public perceptions of the Skripal Affair

"Project Iris" is a reference used by Harod Associates on a report for Greg Rowett of the Institute for Statecraft.

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Report proposal

On 15th March 2018 an unidentified party send a proposal to Greg Rowett to commission a 2 phase report "to study social media activity in respect of the events that took place, how news spread and evaluate how the incident is being perceived in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Russia." The cost of the first phase was put at £7,500 - £10,000. The second phase, regular monitoring, was £200/day, £1,300 per week & £3,000 per month (plus VAT). This is detailed in a document released in tranche 3 of the Integrity Initiative Leak.[1]

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Harod Associates invoice #1535, for £10,000 + VAT was issued on 27 March 2018 for "Specialist Consultancy Services as agreed with Guy Spindler".


This was revealed by Integrity Initiative Leak 4. The invoice was revealed by Integrity Initiative Leak 3.

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