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Concept.png Rape 
Interest of• Aidar Battalion
• Azov Battalion
• Donbas Battalion
• Right Sector

Rape is non-consensual sexual intercourse. It is used in wartime to terrorise people.



Page nameDescription
Copper Green'Copper Green' was one of several codewords for a US Black Ops program, formed with the direct approval of the then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who reportedly told special access members to “Grab whom you must. Do what you want.”
Wayne Couzens
Steven Dale GreenA US soldier convicted of raping and murdering an Iraqi girl.


Rape victims on Wikispooks

Viktoria MarinovaMarinova was an investigative journalist. After an interesting segment on alleged fraud with EU funds by businessmen and politicians - promising to uncover more about those individuals next week - Marinova was murdered in the most popular place for joggers in the city of Ruse. Although deemed a rape and murder, some of her belongings have never been found.
Virginia RobertsClaimed that she was employed as a sex slave to have sex with Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein. Notoriously pictured with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell.


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File:MaleRapeInUSPrisons.pdfreportApril 2001


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