Rolando Masferrer

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Person.png Rolando Masferrer   SpartacusRdf-icon.png
(businessman, “terrorist”)
BornRolando Arcadio Masferrer Rojas
July 12, 1918
Holguín, Cuba
DiedOctober 31, 1975 (Age 57)
Miami, United States
Cause of death
car bomb
Member ofOperation 40

He tried multiple times to assassinate Fidel Castro.


He was born into wealth, one of the Masferrers of Holguín, Cuba.


He mas a member of Operation 40 and had links with Alpha 66.[1]

Bay of Pigs

John F. Kennedy, one story goes, "didn’t want Rolando anywhere near" the Bay of Pigs invasion, so he ordered the FBI to detain him to keep him quiet.[2]


Masferrer car bomb.jpg

A week before he was killed by a car bomb in Miami, US, he had written and published a newspaper editorial arguing that car bombs are a justifiable tactic.[2]

12 July 1918|31 October 1975|