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|start=February 8, 1949
|start=February 8, 1949
|leaders=Head of The Shin Bet
|leaders=Director of The Shin Bet
|abbreviation=English: ISA, Local: Shabak - Hebrew: שב״כ, Arabic: شاباك
|abbreviation=English: ISA, Local: Shabak - Hebrew: שב״כ, Arabic: شاباك

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Group.png Shin Bet   PowerbaseRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
AbbreviationEnglish: ISA, Local: Shabak - Hebrew: שב״כ, Arabic: شاباك
Mottoמגן ולא יראהMagen veLo Yera'e The Defender that shall not be seen, The unseen shield
FormationFebruary 8, 1949
LeaderDirector of The Shin Bet
Typeintelligence agency

The Israel Security Agency or General Security Agency, known in Hebrew as Shabak (an abbreviation for Sherut ha-Bitachon ha-Klali) or Shin Bet, is the Israeli counterintelligence and internal security service.[1]






Related Quotation

Yuval Diskin“The attacks on 9/11 gave our own war international legitimacy. We were able to completely untie the ropes that had bound us.”Yuval Diskin2005


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