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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Nixon insider who blew in 1994 the whistle on the "War on Drugs"". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Moon of Alamaba  + (Named as an outlet of "[[Russian Propaganda]]" by [[PropOrNot]].)
  • Anton Lubowski  + (Namibian anti-apartheid activist assassinated by South Africa's [[Civil Cooperation Bureau]])
  • United Nations Institute for Namibia  + (Namibian students in the library of the United Nations Institute for Namibia in 1978)
  • UK/2015 General election  + (National elections to the UK parliament.)
  • UK/1979 General election  + (National elections to the UK parliament.)
  • Matthew Pottinger  + (National security Bilderberg)
  • Turkmenistan  + (Natural gas rich Asian state.)
  • Michael Chomiak  + (Nazi Editor in Chief turned Canadian farmer)
  • File:Northwoodsdocs.pdf  + (Nearly 100 pages of Top Secret documents that tells the history surrounding Operation Northwoods, the US military's plan to carry out a series of false flag attacks - including terrorist attacks in US cities - as a pretext for an invasion of Cuba.)
  • The Free Thought Project  + (Negatively reviewed by [[Snopes]])
  • Knut Hammarskjöld  + (Nephew of Dag Hammarskjöld)
  • Edward Bernays  + (Nephew of Sigmund Freud and the father of 20<sup>th</sup> century propaganda techniques.)
  • File:The Network of Global Corporate Control.pdf  + (Network analysis of the structure of global corporate interleaved ownerships and revenues.)
  • Carlos Marcello  + (New Orleans mafia boss with [[JFK assassination]] connections.)
  • Robert Anderson  + (New York-based investment banking firm)
  • Lewis Thompson Preston  + (New York??)
  • Bill English  + (New Zealand politician and PM)
  • Nicky Hager  + (New Zealand-based investigative journalist)
  • AmpedStatus  + (News aggregation site supplemented with peNews aggregation site supplemented with perceptive analysis and reports by the site's owner. It's focus is globalised money and power. It is US centric and aimed squarely at a US readership, both of which tend to promote an 'American exceptionalism' that is clearly at odds with its claimed core purpose.rly at odds with its claimed core purpose.)
  • The Times Of Israel  + (News website)
  • Fred Luchsinger  + (Newspaper editor, Le Cercle)
  • Newspaper published precise route  + (Newspaper published precise route mentioning the turn into Elm into Houston then onto the freeway. ref. W.C.)
  • JFK/Motorcade/Route on front page  + (Newspaper reports motorcade route on front page. ref. W.C.)
  • Ernst Zündel  + (Nicknamed the "Revisionist Dynamo" for his dogged revisionist truth campaigning. Perhaps more than any other Revisionist he has caused the veracity of the official narrative of [[The Holocaust]] to be scrutinised and discussed.)
  • Document:Suffer the little children  + (Nine years ago the BBC was at the centre oNine years ago the BBC was at the centre of another frenzy when it similarly accused the government of misleading the public. Only then it wasn't child abuse, it was [[2003 Iraq War|starting a war after publicly stating our enemy could launch chemical weapons within 45 minutes of the order being given]].[[2003 Iraq War|starting a war after publicly stating our enemy could launch chemical weapons within 45 minutes of the order being given]].)
  • John Ehrlichman  + (Nixon insider who blew in 1994 the whistle on the "War on Drugs")
  • Richard Nixon  + (Nixon resigned in the wake of the WatergatNixon resigned in the wake of the Watergate coup. The public were heavily misinformed about this, but knowing what he was up against, Nixon decided not to challenge the cabal which removed him from power. The first act of his successor was to pardon him from future legal action, thus effectively preventing legal action and permanently blackening his name.ction and permanently blackening his name.)
  • George H. W. Bush  + (Nixon upgraded this job especially for George H. W. Bush.)
  • Document:Niyirah al-Sabah’s Story  + (Niyirah al-Sabah presenting her lies about [[Saddam Hussein]]'s troops taking babies out of incubators that led to the [[Iraq War]] and [[Iman al-Obeidi]] claiming she was gang-raped by [[Muammar Gaddafi]]'s forces justifying the [[2011 Attacks on Libya]])
  • User:Robin  + (No definitive conclusion, but an introduction to a deep event which remain undeciphered to this day.)
  • Document:GCHQ and Me: My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers  + (No one at the May 2015 conference on intelligence, security and privacy argued against greater openness. Thanks to [[Edward Snowden]] and those who courageously came before, the need for public accountability and review has become unassailable.)
  • Document:Election 2017: finally, a real choice for Britain's voters  + (No wonder the billionaire-owned media are attacking [[Jeremy Corbyn]] with everything they've got. But we the people can still win.)
  • Document:Has the media ignored good news about Jeremy Corbyn  + (No-platforming [[Jeremy Corbyn]]: [[Conservative Party|Tories and Unionists]] have a visceral hate of [[Seán MacBride]])
  • Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament  + (Nominal overseer the UK's main intelligence intelligence agencies such as MI5, MI6, GCHQ, JIC, DIS. Probably completely captured.)
  • Stephen Lander  + (Non executive director)
  • File:FBI Report - Terrorism 1980-2005.pdf  + (Non-Muslims responsible for over 90% of all terrorist attacks in America)
  • Sarah MacIntosh  + (Non-resident)
  • Sarah MacIntosh  + (Non-resident)
  • File:Northumbria-Report.pdf  + (Northumbria Police report of the investigation into West Mercia Police handling of their investigation into the abduction and murder of Hilda Murrell)
  • Bård Vegar Solhjell  + (Norwegian Bilderberger politician)
  • Hanne Skartveit  + (Norwegian editor who attended the 2018 Bilderberg)
  • User:Robin  + (Not authoritative yet but this page provides a multitude of links to give an overview of the bigger picture.)
  • Ivan Illich  + (Not particularly celebrated during his lifetime, Illich was one of the most original thinkers of the 20<sup>th</sup> century, perhaps of all time.)
  • User:Robin  + (Not particularly well structured, but this page contains links to a lot of hard evidence that the CIA has owned the cocaine import business into the US for decades, and also profits from a lot of the rest of the world's drug illegal trading.)
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors  + (Notable for continued funding of Tor.)
  • Michael Hoffman  + (Notable revisionist historian and Gentile scholar of Judaism and 'The Cryptocracy')
  • Oliver North  + (Notably carried the can for the Iran-Contra affair.)
  • Sullivan & Cromwell  + (Notorious New York law firm used by the Dulles brothers.)
  • Aktis Strategy  + (Now defunct following allegations of "gross financial mismanagement")
  • NIST  + (Now infamous for their attempt to cover-up the truth of the 9-11 controlled demolitions.)
  • Thomas W. Braden  + (OSS, Georgetown Set, CIA)