Tariq Ali

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(writer, journalist, filmmaker)
Tariq Ali on Subversive Festival.jpg
Lahore, Punjab, British India
Alma materUniversity of the Punjab, Exeter College (Oxford)
SpouseSusan Watkins
Member ofBelmarsh Tribunal

Tariq Ali is a British political activist and author.


He is a critic of neoliberalism.

“and then the NGOs bought off many of the best people with the tacit understanding that they could not engage directly in politics if they wanted to receive funding or assistance. Unfortunately the NGOs have helped remove secular intellectuals from politics - their impact on intellectual life in the Muslim world needs to be tabulated,\.”
Tariq Ali (2005)  [1]

“I find it interesting who does and does not get considered for the Nobel - the committee always has one eye on the need of the establishment. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, for example, no Russian has gotten the Nobel Prize for Literature
Tariq Ali (2005)  [2]

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