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Template:Template Usage: All sections are optional.

|description = <500 word plaintext summary (Property:Description)
|glossary = WikitextPlaintext summary for the glossary (major terms only). (Property:GlossaryDescription)
|name = Use if it differs from the PAGENAME
|logo = Concept logo (Property:Has logo)
|logo_alt = Alt text for the concept logo
|logo_caption =
|logo_width = (defaults to "250px")
|image = Image for use in the infobox (Property:Has image)
|image_alt = Alt text for image
|image_caption = Image caption
|image_width = (defaults to "250px")
|type = (Property:Has conceptType)
|start = When the concept was founded (Property:Start)
|end = (Where applicable), when the concept ended (Property:End) (i.e. when a job title becomes obsolete)
|wikipedia = URL of the concept's Wikipedia page, if any (Property:Has wikipediaPage)
|wikipedia_protection = Set to 1 if the wikipedia page is edit protected, 0 or empty otherwise (Property:Has wikipediaProtection)
|website = A URL of particular relevance to the concept, (Property:Has website)
|founders= Comma separated list of founders (Property:Has founder)
|key_properties= Slash separated list of important properties of this page (Property:Has keyProperties)
|key_property_headers= Slash separated list of property descriptions (same length as the above) (Property:Has keyPropertyHeaders)
For type=job only:
|deputies= Pagename of the job(s) of the deputy to this job (Property:Has deputy)