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Concept.png Tradecraft 

Tradecraft is the art of spying.


“(it) is what anyone in any senior position at the CIA will tell you - It is about turning people
 (Dec 11, 2013)  [1]

Data streams

"When studying the Wikileaks War Logs, bear in mind that intelligence streams -- hardcopy, digital, electromagnetic -- are salted with spurious entries as markers to authenticate the stream, identify disruptions and unauthorized plants, direct the product to various collectors with varying levels of classification, and more. The spurious entries will not be distinguishable from the other material, it is their positions in the stream, or omissions from the stream, which will be part of authentication. None of this requires or is protected by encryption, indeed, encryption is customarily used to mislead about other means and methods -- which is why it is so loudly touted."[2]



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