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Investigative journalist, Bilderberg investigator and anti-Nazi. Columnist and contributor on Russia Today English language channel in Moscow. Former land rights activist and BBC reporter with a pretty simple, informed view of the British establishment's role in history as one of the most despotic forces in human history. Have had life threatened by the Jewish Defence League but will never stop pursuing the truth about the mainly UK/US Israeli Masonic cult of greed until the day I die.


Europe and America are run now by a criminal elite of banksters and blackmailable 'dirtied up' VIPaedophiles who are still avoiding prosecution. The target of the Brussels attacks are opinion formers and politicians at the heart of the European Union, to get them to buy into the international 'war on terror' and 'regime change' narrative and both centralise power as well as introducing measures to curtail the civil liberties of European citizens, the very thing they accuse ISIS of wanting they are preparing to implement.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-36993" src="" alt="t_bombersaway_118" width="300" height="167" /></a>

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1993-1995 - <a href="" target="_blank">Operation Gladio: Belgian supermarket massacres </a>
2002 - <a href="" target="_blank">BBC Correspondent: Brussels' VIPaedophie scandal, Dutroux affair by Olenka Frenkiel</a> <a href="" target="_blank">part 2</a> <a href="" target="_blank">part 3</a>
Jan/Feb 2007 - <a href="" target="_blank">Bombers Away! article about reporting of suicide bombers</a>
October 2014 - <a href="" target="_blank">Belgian police launch probe into Ardennes jihadist training camp</a>

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1942 - Adolf Hitler and his treasurer Martin Bormann's plans for the occupation of Europe: <a href="">Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft for the benefit of German cartels in 1942 [pdf]</a>;
June 1944 meeting with IG Farben's Hermann Schmitz;
<a href="" target="_blank">10th August 1944 Red House Meeting in Strasbourg</a> and
<a href="" target="_blank">29th May 1954 Bilderberg meeting in Oosterbeek, Holland</a>.