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Israeli targeted killings Israeli targeted killings
WpIcon32.png Israeli targeted killings

The multiple Wikipedia pages on "targetted killings" (assassinations) are wordy treatments showing great selectivity and bias.

Wikispooks tries to avoid duplicating Wikipedia treatment of the subject, but in this case the only directly equivalent article is missing most of what would belong in an article written to their published standards (being the same standards as Wikispooks aspires to meet).

There is no listing of these killings, Israel or otherwise, anywhere in the Wikipedia, which is very different from the situation of, say, Russian journalists. See here for a table of all such deaths, part of a detailed discussion accompanied by lists (including "all violent, premature and unexplained" deaths of "reporters, editors, cameramen, photographers").

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  • Wikipedia's "Criticism of Israel" - This very large Wikipedia article (150,000 bytes) has a brief passage suggesting that Israel is under considerable criticism for assassinations but points the reader to the heavily distorted "Israeli targeted killings" equivalent article. Persistent reference is made to antisemitism as a major factor.
  • Wikipedia's "Israeli targeted killings" - This Wikipedia article (30,000 bytes) is heavily loaded in favour of the Israeli narrative. It claims a 1:30 civilian/target casualty rate in 2008 which it quotes Alan Dershowitz as calling "the lowest civilian to combatant casualty ratio in history in the setting of combating terrorism".
  • Wikipedia's "Assassination" - This large Wikipedia article (55,000 bytes) obscures with statements such as "many allege that ... covert and illegal training of assassins continues today, with Russia, Israel, the U.S., Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and other nations accused" and "Israel has assassinated Hamas and Hezbollah leaders". Two Israeli political victims are mentioned, the less significant Tourist Minister (victim of Palestinians) getting much more coverage than the Prime Minister.
  • Wikipedia's "Targeted killing" - This Wikipedia article (23,000 bytes) concentrates on US drone killings under Obama and begins with a section "Legal justification". It has some mention of Israeli killings and some implied criticism, but also quotes such as "there are strong reasons to believe that the Israeli policy of targeted killing is not the same as assassination".