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Concept.png 1960s/Murders

This list is of people who were murdered, but might not have been specifically targeted. For assassination victims, see 1960s/Assassinations.

Murder victims of the 1960s.


Murdered in the 1960s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Jim Koethe21 September 1964Author
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Violently murdered in September 1964 in his Dallas apartment, before he could finish his book on the JFK Assassination.
Karyn Kupcinet6 March 194128 November 1963Actor
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Mary Pinchot Meyer14 October 192012 October 1964Journalist
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Wife of Cord Meyer, lover of JFK, murdered in 1964.
Lee Harvey Oswald18 October 193924 November 1963PatsyA patsy. Accused of the assassination of President John F Kennedy and shot to death 2 days later himself by another 'Lone-nut' gunman
Rubén López Sabariego11 June 191730 September 1961Bus driverCuban bus driver tortured and killed at US naval base Guantanamo
Mary Sherman21 April 191321 July 1964Researcher
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
J. D. Tippit18 September 192422 November 1963
Eladio del Valle192222 February 1967JFK/Assassination/Premature deathAn Operation 40 member involved in the JFK assassination.