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Concept.png 1990s/Murders

This list is of people who were murdered, but might not have been specifically targeted. For assassination victims, see 1990s/Assassinations.

Murder victims of the 1990s.


Murdered in the 1990s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Jill Dando9 November 196126 April 1999Journalist
Television presenter
News presenter
A high profile BBC TV presenter shot dead in front of her house.
Pablo Escobar1 December 19492 December 1993
Mario FerraroJuly 1995Researcher
Dexter Jacobson14 August 1990
Stephen Lawrence13 September 197422 April 1993
Mary Mahoney1972July 1997Premature death
Clinton body count
White House intern murdered randomly just as she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the Clinton White House
Jonathan MoyleMarch 1990Journalist
Rosemary Nelson4 September 195815 March 1999Lawyer
Anson NgJuly 1991JournalistA British reporter for the Financial Times was was assassinated in his bathtub after investigating the BCCI.