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Concept.png 2000s/Assassinations
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The Paul Wellstone Assassination of 2002 is officially just an accident

The assassinations of the 2000s.


Assassinated in the 2000s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
William Cooper6 May 19436 November 2001Spook
9-11/Premature death
Announced around 10 weeks before 9/11 that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple". He was killed by the US Marshals Service less than two months after the event.
Hrant DinkJanuary 2007Author
Denis Donaldson19504 April 2006Spook
Pim Fortuyn19 February 19486 May 2002PoliticianAn assassinated Dutch politician
Francisco Ortiz Franco195422 June 2004Journalist
Iccho Itoh23 August 194518 April 2007
Paul Klebnikov3 June 19639 July 2004Journalist
Andrei Kozlov6 January 196514 September 2006Banker
Maxim Lazovsky31 July 196528 April 2000Spook
Deep state operative
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
Anna Lindh19 June 195711 September 2003Sweden/Foreign Minister
Alexander Litvinenko30 August 196223 November 2006Whistleblower
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
An exiled Russian spook turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.
Mark Lombardi23 March 195122 March 2000Artist
Deborah Palfrey18 March 19561 May 20089-11/Premature death
Epstein Affair/Premature death
Ran an escort agency in Washington D.C. that was frequently used by Washington insiders, and was aware of some 9/11 insiders who let information slip before the event.
Anna Politkovskaya30 August 19587 October 2006Author
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
A staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
Yuri Shchekochikhin9 June 19503 July 2003Author
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
A member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who was assassinated.
Anton SurikovNovember 2009Spook
Paul Wellstone21 July 194425 October 2002PoliticianAn outspoken critic of the Iraq War, probably killed by the cabal
Sergei Yushenkov27 June 195017 April 2003Politician
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
A member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who was assassinated.