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Concept.png 2000s/Murders

This list is of people who were murdered, but might not have been specifically targeted. For assassination victims, see 2000s/Assassinations.

Murder victims of the 2000s.


Murdered in the 2000s

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Roland Carnaby195629 April 2008Spook
Deep state operative
A senior spook who was shot by a Houston police officer following a high speed motor car chase and died of his wounds.
Dilawar196710 December 2002Driver
A taxi driver who was in the wrong place at the the wrong time. Tortured while in US custody and dead within the week. A leaked autopsy revealed "homicide", but the US authorities have not taken any action in this regard.
David GrahamSeptember 20069-11/Premature death
David Graham was a dentist who became suspicious after meeting two of the "19 hijackers". He reported being first ignored and then threatened by the FBI. He compiled a large report of his investigations into why the FBI were ignoring his warnings. Poisoned.
David Kelly14 May 194417 July 2003WhistleblowerDr David Kelly, a UN weapons inspector who died in highly suspicious circumstances
Chandra Levy14 April 197722 May 2002InternAn intern who disappeared and whose remains were found around a year later.
Jean Charles de Menezes22 July 2005ElectricianShot dead by UK police 2 weeks after the 7-7 bombings. Police originally lied about the circumstances, and might never have admitted the truth if Lana Vandenberghe had not blown the whistle and revealed the real chain of events.
Baha Mousa16 September 2003An Iraqi civilian tortured to death by UK soldiers.
Niaz Naik8 August 2009Politician
John O'Neill6 February 195211 September 2001Police officer
9-11/Premature death
A respected and sincere opponent of "terrorism" who faced opposition in trying to investigate the U.S.S. Cole attack and who was the FBI's leading expert on Al Qaeda. Later made Head of Security for the World Trade Center, where he was killed on his first day at work, September 11th, 2001.
Brian Downing Quig194516 June 2003Researcher
Gul Rahman20 November 2002Senior member of HIAKidnapped and tortured to death by the CIA.
Christopher Rodway17 November 2000
Katherine SmithFebruary 20029-11/Premature deathAn alert Tennessee DMV employee who sold IDs to 5 foreigners of middle Eastern appearance.
Ted Westhusing17 November 19605 June 2005
Michael Zebuhr18 March 20069-11/Premature death