2002 Venezuelan coup attempt

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Event.png 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt (coup,  false flag,  US/Sponsored Regime-change efforts since 1945) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Venezuelan coup attempt of 2002.jpg
Pro-Chavez protesters demanding the release of Hugo Chávez
Date11 April 2002 - 13 April 2002
DescriptionA failed CIA-backed coup attempt against President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez.

The 2002 Venezuelan coup attempt was made in an attempt to remove the President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.

Official narrative

Not CIA-backed. Nothing to do with it, mate: "Allegations of US involvement" are baseless![1]


It involved a false flag which shot protestors, exposed in the 2003 film "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".[2] Chavez was later reinstated by the military and government loyalists.