2016 Munich shooting

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Event.png 2016 Munich shooting (mid-level deep event?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
2016 Munich shooting.jpg
Date22 July 2016
LocationMoosach,  Munich,  Germany
Blamed onDavid Sonboly
Type• Mass shooting
• murder–suicide
Injured (non-fatal)36
DescriptionA shooting spree supposedly carried out by an 18 year old, for as yet unexplained purposes.

The 2016 Munich shooting was filmed by Munich resident Richard Gutjahr, who 8 days later filmed the Nice truck event from his hotel balcony.

Official narrative

The "lone nut" perpetrator of the mass murder was identified as 18-year-old David Sonboly, but died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. Sonboly was obsessed by Anders Breivik and chose the 5th anniversary of Breivik's mass murder to carry out his own mas shooting.[1]


Commercially-controlled media seems to have little to say about the fact that a German, Richard Gutjahr (husband of Einat Wilf, father of Thamina Stoll) was in position to record video from not only this attack, but also the Nice truck event.


The Munich police tweeted an instruction to people not to post video or images online, stating "Don't help the perpetrators."[2] Richard Gutjahr however posted his pictures of the event, which he later "accidentally" deleted.[3] Thamina Stoll (probably his daughter) posted a video of people running from the scene, and was contacted by many international news organisations. In the interviews, she did not mention that Gutjahr was her father, although she appeared to imply this in an interview to the Duke Chronicle.[4]

The BBC observed that "three armed attackers were earlier reported to be on the run. Police urged people to avoid public places."[5]


The Official Culprit

David SonbolyOfficial perpetrator of the 2016 Munich shooting