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Daily Mail big red fake effort to look like exponential growth.jpg
Red was by far the most popular colour for graphs about COVID-19. Many, such as this on from the Daily Mail included simple inaccuracies (in this case, a strangely non-linear X-axis) that might have been calculated to promote COVID panic.
The enemy image of "Muslim terrorism" was dramatically replaced in 2020 by a different unseen enemy, COVID-19, an airborne coronavirus of the type being genetically engineered by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

2020 will be remembered as the year of COVID-19, an airborne respiratory virus, commonly asymptomatic but occasionally fatal. The year began with disturbing reports from China, where the official narrative stated that the virus emerged from a wet market. Alternative ideas were quickly followed by an unprecedented level of censorship. In March 2020, the WHO Director General declared that the virus was killing about 3.4% of those who caught it, and that it was a global pandemic. There followed a wave of "Covid legislation" to curtail people's freedoms, including freedom of speech.[citation needed]

As if coordinated by The Deep State, over 90%[citation needed] of nations imposed COVID lockdowns to curtail freedom of movement, but some held out[1] choosing instead to follow the WHO pandemic guidelines which clarified that such measures were unhelpful and/or counterproductive.


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Inequality“We are moving into an era of politics where the foundations of consent which underpin western states are becoming less stable. The massive growth in wealth inequality has led to an alienation of large sections of the population from the political system.”Craig Murray3 December 2019


  1. Notably Burundi, Sweden and Belarus