2021 Canadian federal election

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Justin Trudeau returned to Ottawa with a similar result to 2019.
Date20 September 2021
DescriptionJustin Trudeau's gamble resulted in a near identical result to 2019. He then went into coalition with Jagmeet Singh's NDP.

The 2021 Canadian federal election took place in 2021. The results were faced with accusations of "Chinese interference in Canadian politics".


Justin Trudeau called an early election because of COVID.[1]

Even the CBC is questioning Trudeau's reasoning behind calling it. He has not made his case early on in the campaign.[2]

On 24 August, Trudeau made a campaign stop in Hamilton, Ontario and advocated for “stronger vaccine mandates”.[3]

Reuters reported on the danger of "unvaccinated candidates canvassing".[4]

The Conservative campaign reached out to the Labour movement.[5]

A Mainstreet/iPolitics poll placed Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada in second place in Alberta, essentially tied with the Liberals.[6]

Trudeau has been trolled and yelled at on the campaign. Only Rebel News has reported on this. He was heckled and jeered, making him run away during a campaign event in White Rock, British Columbia.[7] A man posed for a selfie with Trudeau and then called him a “commie f*ck.”[8] He had stones thrown at him in London, Ontario.[9]

Opinion polls in British Columbia were split three ways..[10]

On 27 August, Maxime Bernier campaigned in New Brunswick.[11]

Candidates withdrawn

Green candidate Michael Lariviere withdrew after comparing vaccine passports to Nazism.[12]


Justin Trudeau remained prime minister.[13]

The voting patterns of Chinese-Canadians was of note in this election. This was predicted early on in the campaign in polling by Mainstreet Research, which observed that they "were not supporting Conservative candidates in the same way they did in the last couple of elections.[14] Significantly, the two MPs from Richmond, British Columbia (Alice Wong and Kenny Chiu) lost their seats to the Liberal Party. Richmond has the highest concentration of Chinese Canadians in the country; the result was due to Conservative party policy on China. Disinformation campaigns in Chinese-language media was blamed.[15]

Liberal George Chahal was elected in Calgary Skyview, defeating Conservative incumbent Jag Sahota after being filmed removing campaign literature from a residence. He paid a 500 dollar fine.[16]


Full article: “Chinese interference in Canadian politics”

In February 2022, Erin O'Toole was removed as Conservative party leader by his caucus.[17]

In March 2022, Trudeau signed a confidence and supply agreement with fellow WEF Young Leader Jagmeet Singh. The NDP will keep Trudeau in power until 2025.[18]

Candidates for Prime Minister


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