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A sound alternative news site.

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"News For the Waking Generation"
Started: 2009
Founder: Patrick Henningsen

In its own words:
"We are a North American and Europe-based, grass-roots, independent blog offering geopolitical news and media analysis, working with an array of volunteer contributors who write and help to analyze news and provide a diverse perspective and opinions from around the world."

Main focus: VIPaedophile, deep state, fake news

21st Century Wire is an independent media outlet. Some of their material has been featured on Unwelcome Guests.[1]


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Traffic to 21st Century Wire rose sharply as the Skripal Affair unfolded.[2]

"Fake News"


In 2016, 21st Century Wire was named as an outlet of "Russian Propaganda" by the spooky PropOrNot group, featured in the Washington Post by Craig Timberg On February 14, 2017, 21st Century Wire launched a "Fake News Week" to try to highlight the deliberate lies told by commercially-controlled media.[3] In March 2017, the site launched the 2017 Horace Greeley Award for Best Fake News Journalist, nominating Jon Snow ahead of Brian Williams, Chris Cuomo, Craig Timberg, Michael Weiss, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Nicholas Kristof, Ian Pannell and Jake Tapper who were also on the short list.[4]


A Document by 21st Century Wire

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:ISIS Mayhem Being Fueled by Drugs and Arms – Supplied by Saudi Arabia and the CIAWikispooks Page30 October 2015Al-Qaeda
Islamic State


Documents sourced from 21st Century Wire

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:ISIS Mayhem Being Fueled by Drugs and Arms – Supplied by Saudi Arabia and the CIAWikispooks PageAl-Qaeda
Islamic State
30 October 201521st Century Wire
'Burning Blogger of Bedlam'
Document:Norway Massacre Catalyst For Realignment Of European Right Wing Movementsarticle2011 Norway attacks29 July 2011Patrick Henningsen
Document:Novichok Part Deux: A Fusion of Media, Government & MilitaryArticleDefence Evaluation and Research Agency
Skripal Affair
Mark Urban
2018 Amesbury poisonings
10 July 2018Kenny CoyleBBC diplomatic and defence correspondent Mark Urban revealed this week that he had in fact been meeting secretly with Sergei Skripal over a year ago.
Document:The Health of Julian Assange: A Case of State-sponsored NeglectArticle'Tommy Robinson'
Jeffrey Archer
Belmarsh Prison
Julian Assange/Imprisonment
25 February 2020Nina CrossProfessor Nils Melzer: “It was obvious that Mr Assange’s health has been seriously affected by the extremely hostile and arbitrary environment he has been exposed to for many years,” … “Most importantly, in addition to physical ailments, Mr Assange showed all symptoms typical for prolonged exposure to psychological torture, including extreme stress, chronic anxiety and intense psychological trauma."
Document:The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two BeginsarticleVictoria Nuland
Operation Gladio
Ukraine Riots 2013-14
28 February 2014William EngdahlNATO-backed para-military mercenary organisation UNA-UNSO involved in Gladio-style murder of 'protestors' in Ukraine
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