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Group.png 9/11 Consensus Panel
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FounderDavid Ray Griffin
Type911 truth
Interests9-11/Cover-up, 9-11/WTC Controlled demolition, 9-11/WTC7, 9-11/Premature death
Membership• Robert Bowman
• David S. Chandler
• Giulietto Chiesa
• Jonathan Cole
• Dwain Deets
• Tod Fletcher
• Daniele Ganser
• David Gapp
• Niels Harrit
• Steven E. Jones
• Ralph Kolstad
• Graeme MacQueen
• Massimo Mazzucco
• Dennis P. McMahon
• Aidan Monaghan
• Rowland Morgan
• Frances Shure
• Lou Stolzenberg
• Daniel Sunjata
• William Veale
• Matthew Witt
• Jonathan B. Weisbuch
• Elizabeth Woodworth
• James W. Douglass
• Ferdinando Imposimato
• Mathieu Kassovitz
• Lynn Margulis
• Michael Meacher
• William F. Pepper
• Andreas von Bülow

The 9/11 Consensus Panel was formed in 2011 to reach a more precise insight into what the strongest evidence for controlled demolition and a cover-up of the events of 911 is.[1][2][3] A group of experts and academics, using the Delphi technique, formulated 50 points (The 9/11 Consensus Points) with "factual evidence (that) contradicts the 9/11 story".[4] These were updated in 2017.[5]

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut - Graeme MacQueen (Full Presentation)

The panel presented it's initial findings in the: "The Toronto Hearings on 9/11" in September 2011.[6][7]

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