American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1977

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Group.png American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1977
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Membership• Abigail Pruyn van Alstyne
• Mark C. Bisnow
• Roger Angus Brooks
• Dale P. Butland
• John R. Chase
• Jonathan E. Colby
• James A. Cooney
• Richard H. Davison
• Logan D. Delany Jr
• Thomas Downey
• Donna R. Ecton
• James Fallows
• Bernd Fischer
• Richard W. Fisher
• Peter Gröndahl
• Hartmut G. Grossmann
• L. Oakley Johnson
• Barbara Lazarus
• Rüdiger Löwe
• William Michaelcheck
• Steven Kelman
• Hugh Nevin Jr
• Jane Buxton Paddock
• Peter Roggen
• Irina Schlicht
• Charles E. Schumer
• Jamie Snead
• Joan Spero
• Thomas Payne Storrs
• Harlan Strauss

These are the American Council on Germany's Young Leaders for 1977[1]. The next year's cadre is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1978. No leaders were selected in 1976, so the previous one is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1975.


Known members

2 of the 30 of the members already have pages here:

James FallowsUS journalist, ACG Young Leaders 1977, CFR, First Bilderberg in 2018 aged 69
Charles Schumer
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