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AIPACA lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.
Academics For Peace
Albright Stonebridge GroupEconomic Hit Men
Better Than Cash AllianceA lobby group to accelerate transition from cash to forced digital payments
Big pharma/LobbyThis page lists organizations and actors which are part of the global Pharma Lobby network.
Business Roundtable
Business for Inclusive GrowthA partnership between the OECD and major corporations from across the globe.
Century GroupA pro-allied interventionist group active in the United States prior to American entry into World War Two.
Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defence Policy
Cuban-American lobbyInfluential foreign policy lobby. Based in Florida.
Dangerous Speech ProjectAn Open Society funded organisation.
Emily's ListMulti-million dollar lobby group; with deep state ties.
European Round Table of Industrialists
False Memory Syndrome FoundationFoundation that claimed that "false memories" of child abuse in many cases remembered in adulthood, are not connected to events that have actually ever happened.
Friends of Europelobby group
House and Senate Taiwan CaucusThe China lobby
Independent SAGE
J Street
Jews for justice for GermansA deliberately tongue-in-cheek attention-grabbing name for a group that understands the gross injustices that Germany and Germans have been subjected to at the hands of Jewish-dominated interests for the greater part of the 20th century and especially over their alleged responsibility for both world wars and the horrors accompanying them.
Stop Funding HateAnti free speech pro censorship organisation which operates under the guise of "preventing hate".
US/Chamber of Commerce


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Document:The Private Sector, Institutes, Think Tanks and Lobbying Organisations extract from The "Terrorism" Industrybook extract1990Edward S. Herman

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