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Concept.png Aircraft carrier 
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An aircraft carrier is a large warship that allows take off and landing of aircraft.

Countries with 19 carriers

The US likes to state it has eleven aircraft carriers, each of 100,000 tonnes, but this does not include another nine ships that would be referred to as aircraft carriers if they served in any other navy (ie up to 99,990 tonnes)[1]. These 9 are by a sleigh of hand counted as amphibious assault ships, although they are bigger and heavier armed than most of the other countries' carriers.

All other countries' aircraft carriers are well under 100,000 tonnes.

Countries with 3 carriers

  • China: Type 003, (85,000 tonnes), Shandong (47,000 tonnes), Liaoning (43,000 tonnes)

Countries with 2 carriers

  • UK: HMS Queen Elizabeth (65,000 tonnes), HMS Prince of Wales (65,000 tonnes)
  • Italy Cavour (27,100 tonnes) Giuseppe Garibaldi (10,100 tonnes)

Countries with 1 carrier

  • France Charles de Gaulle (42,000 tonnes)
  • India INS Vikramaditya (45,400 tonnes)
  • Russia: Admiral Kuznetsov (55,000 tonnes)
  • Thailand HTMS Chakri Naruebet (11,486 tonnes)