Alain Griotteray

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(politician, businessman, editor, deep state operative?)
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Born15 October 1922
Paris, France
Died30 August 2008 (Age 85)
Member ofLe Cercle

Alain Griotteray was a leader of the French Resistance who worked as a journalist, politician and entrepreneur in France. He was co-founder of the UDF, deputy mayor of Charenton-le-Pont.

World War II

In 1943, he became the youngest leader in the French resistance.[1]


In 1973 he was made mayor of Charenton-le-Pont.[2]

Under the presidency of Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Alain Griotteray was responsible for investitures of the French Republican Party. In this capacity, he participated in the founding of the Union for French Democracy in 1978, and contributed to the rise of a new generation of politicians whose Alain Madelin, Charles Millon, Gerard Longuet and François Leotard.

In 1978 with Louis Pauwels, he founded Le Figaro Magazine of which he was deputy director and editor. His editorials supported liberalism, very conservative and very Eurosceptic. He was the first foreign journalist to interview Ronald Reagan. He eventually come into conflict with the new editorial director of the newspaper Patrick de Carolis. He graduated in 2001, along with other supporters of liberalism in the US as Thierry Desjardins and Jean-Jacques Rosa.

In 1984 he co-founded of Solidarite Liberte with fellow Cercle participants Raymond Bourgine, Charles Pasqua and a number of others.


In 1985 he attended a meeting of Le Cercle.