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(lawyer, politician, deep state operative)
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Member ofLe Cercle
InterestsPia Union
Chilean Cercle visitor

Alfredo Alcaíno's name appears on the list of guests of the 1985 Le Cercle meeting in Washington D.C. next to Francisco Bulnes under Chile. His identification is unknown, but most likely it is Alfredo Alcaíno Barros (1926-2018). A less likely possibility is the much younger Alfredo Alcaíno de Esteve.

Alfredo Alcaíno Barros

Alfredo Alcaíno Barros was born in Santiago, Chile, on January 10. 1926. He was educated at the Universidad de Chile and admitted to the bar in 1953. Attorney General Lan Chile 1958-1961. President of Caja de Previsien de los Ferrocarriles del Estado, 1961-1964; Member Council, Member of Chilean Bar Association,1965-1971.[1]

He was mayor of the upscale Santiago neighborhood Providencia[2], which also is the headquarters of the Pia Union, where the priest Fernando Karadima at the same time during the dictatorship ran a network of VIPaedophile sexual abuse and blackmail.

During his administration from 1972 to 1981, the avenue 11 de Septiembre was built, which he named after the day the military seized power in 1973.[3]

He was founder of the liberal-conservative party Renovación Nacional in the late 1980s.[4]

Alfredo Alcaíno de Esteve

He took a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 1978. He is senior partner and founder of Alcaíno Lawyers (1978).[5]

He is an arbitrator of the Arbitration and Mediation Center, Santiago Chamber of Commerce and a former Counselor of the Public Study Center (CEP).

He is a counselor of the SOFOFA Corporate Governance Center.


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1985 (Washington)7 January 198510 January 1985US
Washington DC
4 day meeting of Le Cercle in Washington exposed after Joel Van der Reijden discovered the attendee list for this conference and published it online in 2011