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(journalist, editor)
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Member ofIntegrity Initiative, StopFake
Interests • Fake news
• “Russian Propaganda”
Member of the Integrity Initiative and StopFake

Alina Mosendz is a member of the Integrity Initiative[1]. She has worked on the StopFake Spanish Desk. Her name did not appear on the name list of the II Spanish Cluster revealed in the first II leak.

“This region has its own specifics. Some are quite sceptical about the fact that we refute only Russian fakes and allegedly do not pay attention to the Ukrainian ones. At the same time, the majority of fake news in Spain is related to the internal political struggle. However, they are still very susceptible to pro-Russian narratives. Russian disinformation also has a strong influence on some Latin American countries.”
Alina Mosendz [2]


Alina Mosendz "keeps track of how Russian disinformation about Ukraine gets through to Spanish and Latin-American media."[3]