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FormationJuly 2017
Interests“democracy”, “national security”, “Russian Propaganda”
Membership• Mike Chertoff
• Toomas Hendrik Ilves
• David J. Kramer
• William Kristol
• Rick Ledgett
• Michael McFaul
• Michael Morell
• Ana Palacio
• John Podesta
• Mike Rogers
• Kori Schake
• Julianne Smith
• James Stavridis
• Jake Sullivan
• Nicole Wong
• Laura Rosenberger
• Zack Cooper
• Kristine Berzina
• Jessica Brandt
• Rachael Dean Wilson
• Amber Frankland
• Kayla Goodson
• Lindsay Gorman
• Nathan Kohlenberg
• Nad’a Kovalcikova
• David Levine
• Thomas Morley
• Christina Revilla Chacon
• Miriam Roday
• Josh Rudolph
• David Salvo
• Bret Schafer
• Matt Schrader
• Etienne Soula
• Joshua Kirschenbaum
• Aviv Ovadya
• Clara Tsao
• Heidi Tworek
• Clint Watts
"A well-funded national security advocacy group"

The Alliance for Securing Democracy. Hamilton 68.png

Glen Greenwald called it "a well-funded national security advocacy group, devoted to more hawkish U.S. policies toward Russia and other adversaries".[1]

Hamilton 68

The Alliance for Securing Democracy runs the Hamilton 68 dashboard, an allegedly scientific barometer of Kremlin influence over the American social media landscape.

Hamilton 68 remains incredibly opaque about its methodology, refusing even to identify which social media accounts they designate as “promoting Russian influence online.” These marked accounts not only include “accounts that clearly state they are pro-Russian or affiliated with the Russian government,” but also “accounts run by people around the world who amplify pro-Russian themes either knowingly or unknowingly” (which often includes any dissent from the U.S. foreign policy orthodoxies endorsed by the neocons and CIA officials who created the group, now branded as “pro-Russian”).[2]

When pressed for examples, they have branded major American online outlets including the Intercept,, ESPN, and even the U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes as vehicles for Kremlin propaganda. The Grayzone commented: "The researchers behind the ASD’s “dashboard” are no Russia experts, but rather a collection of cranks, counterterror retreads, online harassers and paranoiacs operating with support from some of the most prominent figures operating within the American national security apparatus."[3]

“Create a real-time feed into the Sponsor with daily analysis on Russian disinformation, providing a constantly-updated narrative that could then be shared with Embassies, either via email or in another ready-made format they could then disseminate locally. [Note: it would be essential to ensure that this work did not duplicate that already done by e.g. Alliance for Securing Democracy).”
Victor Madeira (16 March 2018) [citation needed]


Known Participants

8 of the 38 of the participants already have pages here:

Toomas Hendrik IlvesPresident of Estonia with a lot of Deep State connections, including membership of the Munich Security Conference Advisory Council.
David Kramer
Bill KristolHawkish neonconservatice
Michael McFaul
Michael Morell
Ana PalacioSpanish politician
John Podesta
Clint WattsFBI Russia "expert" who can't speak Russian.
"Civil wars don’t start with gunshots, they start with words. America’s war with itself has already begun. We all must act now on the social media battlefield to quell information rebellions that can quickly lead to violent confrontations and easily transform us into the Divided States of America."