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Person.png Altiero Spinelli  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Altiero Spinelli.jpg
Rome, Kingdom of Italy
Died1986-05-23 (Age 78)
Rome, Italy
Alma materSapienza University of Rome
ChildrenBarbara Spinelli
SpouseUrsula Hirschmann
Founder ofItalian International Affairs Institute
PartyCommunist Party of Italy, Action Party, Republican Democratic Concentration, Independent Left
Italian politician, referred to as one of the founding fathers of the European Union.

Employment.png Member of the European Parliament Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
10 June 1979 - 23 May 1986
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Employment.png Italian International Affairs Institute/President

In office
11 October 1965 - ?

Altiero Spinelli was an Italian politician, political theorist and European federalist, referred to as one of the founding fathers of the European Union.

A communist and militant anti-fascist in his youth, he spent 10 years imprisoned by the Fascist regime. Having grown disillusioned with Stalinism, he broke with the Italian Communist Party in 1937. Interned on the prison island Ventotene during World War II he, along with fellow democratic socialists, drafted the Manifesto for a free and united Europe (most commonly known as the Ventotene Manifesto) in 1941, considered a precursor of the European integration process.

He had a leading role in the foundation of the European federalist movement in 1946, and had strong influence on the first few decades of post-World War II European integration. Later, he helped to re-launch the integration process in the 1980s. By the time of his death, he had been a member of the European Commission for six years, a member of the European Parliament for ten years right up until his death. The main building of the European Parliament in Brussels is named after him.

The Spinelli Group of European federalists is named after him.


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/196826 April 196828 April 1968Canada
Mont Tremblant
The 17th Bilderberg and the 2nd in Canada


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