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Membership• Heather E. Barry
• Andreas Berger
• Nicolas Brühl
• Thomas Buchmann
• Laurent Chaix
• Albert "Ben" Chandler
• Mike Davis
• Jane Difley
• Patricia Faller
• John Gardner
• Tyrone Garrett
• Charlie Gerow
• Yves O. Gloor
• Robert Gremli
• Paul C. Harris Sr
• Robert L. Hedlund
• Leslie Hom
• Jeff Jacoby
• Mark M. Klugmann
• Eric Lanz
• Laura Leonard
• Michèle Leuenberger-Morf
• Steve Mariotti
• Daniel Maurer
• Douglas Mills
• Amy Mullin
• Toni Neuhaus
• John Podhoretz
• David A. Ridenour
• Nouriel Roubini
• Marty Saggese
• Christian Sartorius
• Christoph F. Schaer
• Hans Schneeberger
• Tavis Smiley
• Robert N. Suter
• Walter Thoma
• Daniel J. Weber
• Peter Zutter
Young Leaders selected by the American Swiss Foundation

The American Swiss Foundation started a Young Leader program for "nurturing and investing in rising leaders from the business, political, and academic worlds, as well as in the media and nonprofit sector".[1].

This is the the leadership cadre from 1998. For the previous year's cadre, see American Swiss Foundation/Young Leaders/1997. For next year's cadre, see American Swiss Foundation/Young Leaders/1999.


Known member

1 of the 39 of the members already have pages here:

John Podhoretz