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(lawyer, deep state functionary?)

Andrea Hoffman is a US lawyer.


Daniel Hopsicker wrote in 2013 that Hoffman "prosecutes many of Miami’s big-time drug cases, including all those from Colombia".[1]

Withholding information?

Hopsicker writes that "Assistant US Attorney Andrea Hoffman, in fact, has secrets of her own which may offer an answer. For example, this is not the first time she has faced questioning while serving as lead prosecutor over her conduct in a criminal case. Hoffman has been accused or faced sanctions for withholding crucial information from the defense in felony drug trafficking cases on at least several other occasions... Andrea Hoffman insisted that no payments were made to Colombian law enforcement. That was contradicted by the first witness, an officer from the Colombian police, as well as a DEA agent, who testified that Hoffman knew about the payments. Over the course of three years, 11 members of Colombian law enforcement received payments of $200 per month from the U.S. Nobody thought the error had been an innocent mistake. The judge[Who?] said she was "personally frustrated and disappointed" at Hoffman and did not believe the prosecutor's claims that she had not been aware of the payments at the start of the trial. "[1]


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