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(politician, deep state operative)
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image credit: Armin Linnartz
BornAngela Dorothea Kasner
Hamburg, West Germany
Alma materLeipzig University
ParentsHorst Kasner
Spouse • Ulrich Merkel
• Joachim Sauer
Member ofAtlantik-Brücke, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993
Interest ofStefan Kornelius
PartyDemocratic Awakening, Christian Democratic Union
German deep state operative who aggressively pushed COVID-19 vaccines.

Employment.png Chancellor of Germany

In office
22 November 2005 - 8 December 2021
DeputySigmar Gabriel, Olaf Scholz, Guido Westerwelle
Preceded byGerhard Schröder
Succeeded byOlaf Scholz

Employment.png Germany/Leader of the Opposition Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
22 September 2002 - 22 November 2005

Employment.png Leader of the Christian Democratic Union

In office
10 April 2000 - 7 December 2018
Succeeded byAnnegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

Employment.png Germany/Minister for the Environment

In office
17 November 1994 - 26 October 1998

Employment.png Germany/Minister for Women and Youth

In office
18 January 1991 - 17 November 1994

Employment.png Member of the Bundestag Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
18 January 1991 - 26 October 2021
Succeeded byRobert Habeck

Angela Merkel is a German politician and deep state operative, serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She is leaving office at the 2021 German parliamentary election, in which she will not seek re-election.

Early Life

Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg, West Germany, in 1954). Shortly after her birth, her family made the unusual choice of moving to the East. Her father Horst Kasner, a pastor in the Lutheran church, then founded a seminary in East Germany and became director of a home for handicapped persons. He was regarded as a religious leader and idealist who did not oppose the church governance or the policies of the Socialist party.

At school Merkel learned to speak Russian fluently, and was awarded prizes for her proficiency in Russian and mathematics. Merkel continued her education at Karl Marx University, Leipzig, where she studied physics from 1973 to 1978[1]. She married a physician, Ulrich Merkel, whom she soon divorced. She then moved in with Professor Joachim Sauer, divorced like herself but already the father of two children. Angela Merkel obtained a research post in quantum physics at the Academy of Sciences.

At the same time, she became politically involved in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (Free German Youth), the state organisation for young people. She rose within the organisation to the post of Secretary of the Agitprop department, becoming one of the main experts in political communication in the communist dictatorship. For professional and political reasons, she often travelled within the Soviet bloc, above all to Moscow, particularly since she spoke Russian fluently.[2]

The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was the catalyst for Merkel's political career. Although she did not participate in the crowd celebrations the night the wall came down, one month later Merkel became involved in the growing democracy movement, joining the new party Democratic Awakenin, which later merged with the West German Christian Democratic Union.

Selected by the deep state


There are several strange things around her early career after the dissolution of East Germany that indicates she was handpicked and promoted by deep state forces.

An unknown Angela Merkel was picked to be in first class of Young Global Leaders in 1992, together with Tony Blair and others. This is remarkable, considering the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and German reunification happened in 1991, and she had a rocket career afterwards.

Helmut Kohl always spoke of Angela Merkel as" my girl "in the early 1990s. Although strict in matters of morals, he selected this young childless divorcee from the East living with a partner as Minister for Family, Youth and Women.

Merkel was elected CDU General Secretary, before becoming the party's first female leader and the first female Leader of the Opposition two years later, in the aftermath of a donations scandal that toppled Wolfgang Schäuble. The scandal might have been picked to help her into position.

Merkel's have been criticized for her close identification with US foreign policy. Two years before she became Chancellor, she gave a long and glowing defence of the US invasion of Iraq in the German Bundestag (parliament).[3]

On Covid-19

In February 2021 she stated that "I stressed in my intervention that the pandemic is not over until all people in the world have been vaccinated,"[4] and later that “We have all agreed that we need vaccine certificates.”[5] In May 2021 she opposed the move to waive IP provisions on COVID-19/Vaccines.


Merkel was Time Magazine's "person of the year" for 2015.[6]


A Quote by Angela Merkel

BioNTech“A year ago today, not everyone was aware that we were going to live in a pandemic. But some already knew or suspected it; and that included Mr. Şahin, the head of BioNTech, who told me that on January 24 he made the decision to overturn the entire BioNTech research program and develop an mRNA vaccine for this virus.”26 JL


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/20055 May 20058 May 2005Germany
The 53rd Bilderberg, 132 guests
WEF/Annual Meeting/200421 January 200425 January 2004World Economic Forum
2069 billionaires, CEOs and their politicians and "civil society" leaders met under the slogan Partnering for Prosperity and Security. "We have the people who matter," said World Economic Forum Co-Chief Executive Officer José María Figueres.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200625 January 200629 January 2006World Economic Forum
Only a few of the over 2000 participants are known
WEF/Annual Meeting/200724 January 200728 January 2007World Economic Forum
Only the 450 public figures listed of ~2200 participants
WEF/Annual Meeting/200923 January 200827 January 2008World Economic Forum
WEF/Annual Meeting/201323 January 201327 January 2013World Economic Forum
2500 mostly unelected leaders met to discuss "leading through adversity"
WEF/Annual Meeting/201521 January 201524 January 2015World Economic Forum
Attended by a lot of people. This page lists only the 261 "Public Figures".
WEF/Annual Meeting/201823 January 201826 January 2018World Economic Forum
WEF/Annual Meeting/202021 January 202024 January 2020World Economic Forum
This mega-summit of the world's ruling class and their political and media appendages happens every year, but 2020 was special, as the continuous corporate media coverage of COVID-19 started more or less from one day to the next on 20/21 January 2020, coinciding with the start of the meeting.


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