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Document:A new US puppet government for UkraineClear, unambiguous confirmation that the US runs the Ukrainian opposition and that what is going on in Ukraine in 2013-14 is US sponsored "Regime Change". This is how the US installs its puppet governments while feigning outrage at the terrorist violence it organises and provokes to do so".
Document:Anatomy of a NATO-sponsored false flag operationLeaked audio of high-level discussion of a planned Turkish false flag operation. It is an example of classic military/intelligence deception tactics in furtherance of policy already decided upon - in this case the overthrow of the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad.
Document:Is media just another word for control?This is a transcript of John Pilger's contribution to a special edition of BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme, on 2 January 2014, guest-edited by the artist and musician Polly Harvey.
Document:Putin on the Ukraine coupPresident Putin of Russia in an extended Q&A session with journalists about the 2014 coup in the Ukraine - Full transcript

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