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The Austrian deep state

The Austrian deep state is only sketched out here. It appears that multiple agents of influence were installed at the end of WW2 by the occupying forces.


Kurt Waldheim, a Nazi spook, committed war crimes during WW2, which the OSS documented. This gave them influence over him, and he agreed to work for them.[1] He was an Austrian ambassador and minister, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1972-1981 and Austrian President from 1986-1992.


During the Cold War, leading Austrian editors were bribed by the CIA to spread news stories.[2]



The Austrian Deep state involved Club 45, an Austrian association founded in 1973 by leading members of the Social Democratic Party after inspiration from Henry Kissinger.

The freighter Lucona sank after an explosion on January 23, 1977 in the Indian Ocean, killing six of the twelve crew members. The case was an attempted insurance fraud, and the loss of the crew was part of the calculations. Of deep political interest is that the official cargo was a uranium ore processing plant[clarification needed], of great interests to many countries.

Hannes Androsch, Austrian Minister of Finance, attended 11 Bilderberg meetings and was on the Bilderberg Steering committee.


In 1981, Mossad, having infiltrated and taken control over the Palestinian Abu Nidal Organisation, used it to assassinate of councilman Heinz Nittel in Vienna, Austria. Nittel was President of the Austrian-Israeli Friendship Association and had been involved in the peace process in Israel. He was also a friend of Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, who had been a friend of the PLO and the Palestinian cause. In 1985, the same Abu Nidal Organisation attacked Israeli El Al airport counters in Rome and Vienna, with 18 dead, 111 wounded. Austria and Italy were the 2 countries with which the PLO had the closest relations. Behind the scenes, leaders of these countries had were attempting to bring together Palestinian and Israeli leaders interested in a peaceful understanding. The bombs created a violent anti-Arab feeling in the West, the damage to the PLO was immense.

Kurt Waldheim was the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981, and President of Austria from 1986 to 1992. While he was running for the latter office in the 1986 election, documents were discovered that showed his involvement in war crimes. A few years later, the Mossad whistleblower Victor Ostrovsky revealed how these documents had been falsified as part of an Israeli campaign to unseat him because he was perceived too close to the Arab side.

Franz Vranitzky, Chancellor of Austria from 1986-1997, attended 17 Bilderbergs and was on the Steering committee.

Sudden deaths

As Austrian ambassador to Greece in 1985, Herbert Amry uncovered the illegal export of weapons to the warring state Iran from neutral Austria. This, known as the Noricum scandal, caught the attention of the public, parliament and courts in Austria. Amry then died of a sudden "heart attack", aged 46.

Heribert Apfalter, a member of Club 45, was an Austrian businessman who died suddenly in 1987 amid rumours of foul play.

Alfred Dallinger, who also attended the 1979 Bilderberg, died in a small plane in 1989.


21th Century

Rudolf Scholten, an Austrian politician, attended 21 Bilderbergs, including all meetings since 2003, and joined the Steering committee.


In 2008, the right-wing politician Jörg Haider, formerly of the Freedom Party, died in a car crash that might have been an assassination.


In 2019, the Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache from the Freedom Party resigned after a covert video recording of him discussing underhanded political practices. ('the Ibiza Affair'). The operation had many hallmarks of an intelligence operation.[3]


In 2021 Austria mandated COVID jabs for all adults, and had a lockdown for the unvaccinated only.


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