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The Chinese #1 search engine

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Started: 1 January 2000

Constitutes: search engine

Baidu is a search engine based in China. As of 2018 it was the 4th most popular website globally and the most popular in China.[1]

Subject-specific deranking?

As of January 2018, Baidu included the ISGP site as hit #51 on Baidu for the search term "Dutroux affair",[2] compared to #2 for Yahoo[3] or for Bing.[4] This may be evidence of subject-specific deranking, but inclusion at #51 is not as extreme as Google or StartPage, both of which appeared to have blocked the domain for that search term - neither site listing it among their top 100 hits.

In January 2018, Wikispooks was not listed for the search term "7th floor group" (in contrast for[5], Bing[6], Google[7] and Yahoo)[8], which listed it as #1.