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Adherents on Wikispooks

Ralph Abernathy11 March 192617 April 1990
Ernest Bevin9 March 188114 April 1951
Robert Byrd20 November 191728 June 2010
Jimmy Carter1 October 1924
Bill Clinton19 August 1946US deep politician, husband of Hillary Clinton
John Conyers16 May 1929
John Sherman Cooper23 August 190121 February 1991
Jill Dando9 November 196126 April 1999A high profile BBC TV presenter shot dead in front of her house.
Tom Delay8 April 1947
Walter E. Fauntroy6 February 1933
Al Gore31 March 1948An American politician and Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmist who was made 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton.
Charles Grassley17 September 1933
Warren Harding2 November 18652 August 1923Died under suspicious circumstances, as did a number of people around him.
Yukio Hatoyama11 February 1947
Charles Evans Hughes11 April 186227 August 1948
John D. Rockefeller Jr29 January 187411 May 1960
Clint Murchison Jr.12 September 192330 March 1987
William Avery Rockefeller Jr.31 May 184124 June 1922
Estes Kefauver26 July 190310 August 1963
Robert Kerr11 September 18961 January 1963
Hwang Kyo-ahn15 April 1954
John McCain29 August 193625 August 2018Vietnam War veteran, sang about bombing Iran to voters, called the JFK assassination "the intervention". appears on a picture with Simon Elliot.
Susan McDougal1955
Robert Morgan5 October 1925
Sam Rayburn6 January 188216 November 1961
John D. Rockefeller8 July 183923 May 1937Founder of the Standard Oil Company and the Rockefeller family which has dominated the United States for more than a century.
Nelson Rockefeller8 July 190826 January 1979
Dana Rohrabacher21 June 1947
J. D. Tippit18 September 192422 November 1963
Harry S. Truman8 May 188426 December 1972


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