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Ben Nunn is a former private healthcare lobbyist and Special Adviser to Labour Party MPs Heidi Alexander and Sir Keir Starmer.[1] On 4 April 2020, upon Starmer's election as Leader of the Labour Party, Ben Nunn was appointed Labour's Director of Communications in succession to Seumas Milne.[2]

Stepping down

On 18 June 2021, Ben Nunn resigned from LOTO in the wake of Labour's lost deposit in the 2021 Chesham and Amersham by-election:[3]

“The decision to step down has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to take… I’ve had the opportunity to learn and experience so much. Now is the chance for me to go forward and do something different,” Ben Nunn wrote in an email to staff.[4]

Pharma Starmer

On 6 April 2020, David Lindsay blogged:

Keir Starmer is Pharma Starmer. Not only that, but he refuses to be in any way accountable for that sorry fact. He simply refuses to discuss Ben Nunn, who has passed seamlessly from having been Starmer's Special Adviser to being the Labour Party's Director of Communications.

Nunn was previously, and indeed very recently, the Associate Director of Incisive Health. That is a major driver of NHS privatisation, and it was founded by Bill Morgan Special Adviser to former Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. So there we are. Pharma Starmer.[5]

Health Service Journal

Ben Nunn has written a series of articles published by the HSJ: