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Big League Politics is a politically independent news website, reporting from a Pro-Trump point of view.

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"Big League Politics is a fast-paced news site led by a team of top-level investigative reporters, filmmakers, and citizen journalists all over the country. We challenge powerful politicians in both the Republican and Democratic Parties."
Started: 2017

Owner: Mustard Seed Media

Main focus: deep state, politics

Big League Politics is an American news website.

Own Words

The prevailing themes on Big League Politics form a new American political identity, one that emphasizes economic nationalism and bipartisan patriotism. America is a country with its own values and interests. The establishment will always try to rig the system in favor of globalism in the markets and U.S.-led wars overseas. We seek to forge a new path, bringing together conservatives, progressives, libertarians, independents and all those who believe that America should be put First.[1]


It gets the full Wikipedia treatment for things that are disliked, and is designated a "far-right" site which "traffics in conspiracy theories" on news items such the murder of Seth Rich, skepticism about select other narratives in corporate media, by criticizing ("attacking") "anti-fascist activists" and writing about the the election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, "pushing falsehoods about the 2020 election".