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A list of Italian Bilderberg participants

153 Italian visitors have attended the Bilderberg.

Mario Ferrari AggradiItaly13 March 191624 December 1997
Gianni AgnelliItaly12 March 192124 January 2003Italian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Umberto AgnelliItaly1 November 193427 May 2004Italian business magnate with multiple deep state connections including the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Alberto AlesinaItaly29 April 1957Italian economist who attended the 2018 Bilderberg.
Renato AltissimoItaly4 October 194017 April 2015
Alfredo AmbrosettiItalyJune 19316 times Bilderberg visitor Italian businessman
Nino AndreattaItaly11 August 192826 March 2007
Tima AnselmiItaly25 March 19271 November 2016Single Bilderberger Italian Heath Minister
Enrico AnzilottiItaly
Carlos AritarioItaly
Vittorio BarattieriItaly
Luigi BarziniItaly21 December 190830 March 1984Italian politician
Piero BassettiItaly20 December 1928Double Bilderberg Italian politician
Rodolfo de BendettiItaly2 July 1961Double Bilderberg Italian deep state connected businessman
Giorgio BenvenutoItaly8 December 1937Italian trade unionist and politician, attended the 1980 Bilderberg as Italian Socialist Party/General secretary
Franco BernabèItaly18 September 1948Italian banker and manager, Steering Committee of the Bilderberg
Gilberto BernardiniItaly28 August 19064 August 1995
Enzo BettizaItaly7 July 192728 July 2017
Emma BoninoItaly9 March 1948
Ferrucio de BortoliItaly20 May 1953
Manlio BrosioItaly10 July 189714 March 1980The last Secretary General of NATO who was appointed before he attended the Bilderberg.
Raffaele CafieroItaly12 February 189110 July 1959Italian senator who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Luigi CaligarisItaly4 October 193117 October 2019Single Bilderberger Italian journalist
Giampiero CantoniItaly10 February 19399 May 2012
Umberto CappuzzoItaly30 April 192213 May 2014Senior Italian military leader and Le Cercle attendee.
Lucio CaraccioloItaly7 February 1954Double Bilderberg Italian journalist economist
Antonio CarigliaItaly
Guido CarliItaly28 March 191423 April 1993Pentabilderberger, Governor of the Bank of Italy for 15 years
Elena CattaneoItaly22 October 1962Co-founding director of the University of Milan's Center for Stem Cell Research.
Luigi CavalchiniItaly
Fabio Luca CavazzaItaly
Eugenio CefisItaly21 July 192128 May 2004
Adriana CerretelliItaly27 May 1948
Vittorino ChiusanoItaly27 February 192517 April 2018Italian politician who promoted a unified Europe. Attended all the Bilderberg meetings from 1963 up to 1967.
Carlo CiampiItaly9 December 192016 September 2016Bilderberg central banker president of Italy
Francesco CinganoItaly
Innocenzo CipollettaItaly8 December 1941
Gian Cittadini-CesiItaly27 April 19071984Italian fascist diplomat and a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Vittorio ColaoItaly3 October 1961Bilderberger Vodaphone/CEO who was given charge of the Italian COVID Lockdown
Umberto ColomboItaly192713 May 2006
Fulvio ContiItaly28 October 1947Italian financier. After attending the 2012 Bilderberg, elected as Confindustria/Vice president
Enrico Tommaso CucchianiItaly20 February 1950
Marta DassùItaly8 March 1955Deep state connected general director of the international activities of Aspen Institute Italy
Mario DraghiItaly3 September 1947Bilderberg bankster and "craven moneyman"
Roberto DucciItaly8 February 19149 March 19856 times Bilderberg visitor
John ElkannItaly1 April 1976Italian/US businessman with heavy Bilderberg habit. 21st Century Council, European Round Table of Industrialists
Amintore FanfaniItaly6 February 190820 November 1999Quad bilderberger, Italian PM
Stefano FeltriItaly7 September 1984Connected Italian journalist.
Luigi FerroItaly
Francesco ForteItaly11 February 1929
Paolo FrescoItaly
Gabriele GalateriItaly1947Italian businessman who attended the 2004 Bilderberg
Lorenzo Vallarino GanciaItaly20 June 19307 October 2017
Raul GardiniItaly7 June 193323 July 1993ERTI scandal ridden Italian businessman who "died by a dubious suicide"
Alcide De GasperiItaly3 April 188119 August 1954Prime Minister of Italy for over 7 years. Attended the First Bilderberg as President of the European Parliament.
Emanuele GazzoItaly1908
Fabiola GianottiItaly29 October 1960Attended the 2017 Bilderberg as CERN director general
Francesco GiavazziItaly11 August 1949Italian double Bilderberg economist
Paul GirolamiItaly
25 January 1926Single Bilderberger Glaxo CEO
Raffaele GirottiItaly13 July 191825 January 2015
Giuseppe GlisentiItaly
Marcella GlisentiItaly
Sandro GoziItaly25 March 1968Italian politician/MEP. Attended the 2017 Bilderberg
Gian Maria Gros-PietroItaly4 February 1942
Lilli GruberItaly19 April 1957Multi-Bilderberger Italian journalist
Enrico LettaItaly20 August 1966Single Bilderberg. Prime Minister of Italy
Arrigo LeviItaly17 July 1926
Ettore LolliItalyUnknown Italian single Bilderberger (1964)
Siro LombardiniItaly19242013
Imbriani LongoItalyItalian banker
Antonio MaccanicoItaly4 August 192423 April 2013
Monica MaggioniItaly20 May 1964
Giovanni MalagodiItaly12 October 190417 April 1991President of the Italian Senate, Attended the first Bilderberg and 8 others.
Giorgio La MalfaItaly13 October 1939Triple Bilderberger Italian politician
Ugo La MalfaItaly16 May 190326 March 1979
Franco Maria MalfattiItaly13 June 192710 December 1991
Franco MalfattiItaly13 June 192710 December 1991
Rainer MaseraItaly6 May 1944
Giampiero MassoloItaly5 October 1954
Beatrice Weder di MauroItaly
3 August 1965
Mariana MazzucatoItaly
16 June 1968
Cesare MerliniItaly
Giralamo MesseriItaly
Alighiero De MicheliItaly20 December 19044 February 1995
Gianni De MichelisItaly26 September 1940
Gian MigoneItaly
Maurizio MolinariItaly28 October 1964
Mario MontiItaly19 March 1943Prime Minister of Italy. Bilderberg Steering committee. 27 Bilderbergs from 1983 to 2015
Alberto NagelItaly7 June 1965
Roberto OlivettiItaly
Piero OstellinoItaly9 October 1935
Piero OttoneItaly3 August 192416 April 2017
Tommaso Padoa-SchioppaItaly23 July 194018 December 2010Italian Minister of Economy and Finances, Bilderberg steering committee
Guido Colonna di PalianoItaly16 April 190827 January 1982
Marco PanaraItaly
Filippo PandolfiItaly1927Cercle visitor
Giulio PantoreItaly
Pietro ParolinItaly17 January 1955Catholic Cardinal and Vatican Secretary of State
Corrado PasseraItaly30 December 1954
Danilo PastorboniItaly
Giulio PastoreItaly17 August 190214 October 1969
Aurelio PecceiItaly4 July 190814 March 1984
Mario PediniItaly27 December 19188 July 2003
Giuseppe PetrilliItaly13 March 191313 May 1999
Gianfranco PiazzesiItaly2 July 192325 June 2001
Giorgio La PiraItaly9 January 19045 November 1977
Alberto PirelliItaly18821971Italian businessman who attended the first Bilderberg and 7 others up to 1963
Leopoldo PirelliItaly192523 January 2007
Roberto PoliItaly28 June 1938
Romano ProdiItaly9 August 1939Multi-Bilderberger Prime Minister of Italy
Alessandro ProfumoItaly17 February 1957
Marco Tronchetti ProveraItaly
Pietro QuaroniItaly3 October 189811 June 1971One of a dozen men whom Józef Retinger consulted when setting up the Bilderberg group
Carlo RattiItaly1971
Gianni RavasioItaly4 September 19217 July 2010
Matteo RenziItaly11 January 1975Italian ex=Prime Minister
Franco ReviglioItaly1935
Gianni RiottaItaly1954
Gianfelice RoccaItaly2 March 1948Triple Bilderberg Italian billionaire businessman.
Virginio RognoniItaly5 August 1924
Sergio RomanoItaly7 July 1929
Cesare RomitiItaly24 June 1923
Alberto RoncheyItaly26 September 19265 March 2010
Carlo RossellaItaly19 October 1942
Guido RossiItaly
Paolo RossiItaly15 September 190024 May 1985President of Antimafia Commission, attended the first Bilderberg and the 1956 Bilderberg
Salvatore RossiItaly6 January 1949
Renato RuggieroItaly9 April 19304 August 2013Italian politician who discussed "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Heavy Bilderberg habit, WTO/Director-General
Mariano RumorItaly16 June 191522 January 1990
Pasquale SaracenoItaly14 June 190313 May 1991Very unusual Bilderberg Steering committee member in that he only attended a single Bilderberg.
Carlo SartoriItaly
Giovanni SartoriItaly13 May 19244 April 2017
Paolo SavonaItaly
Giovanni ScagliaItaly27 September 191016 February 2006
Gaetano ScardocchiaItaly19371993
Paolo ScaroniItaly28 November 1946European Round Table of Industrialists, Italian businessman, 7 Bilderbergs from 2003 to 2011
Gino ScarpaItaly
Mario SchimberniItaly10 March 1923
Beppe SevergniniItaly26 December 1956
Stefano SilvestriItalyMulti-Bilderberg Italian deep state functionary
Domenica SiniscalcoItaly15 July 1954Morgan Stanley Europe, Single Bilderberg, Italian Finance minister
Domenico SiniscalcoItaly15 July 1954Morgan Stanley, 4 Bilderbergs, Italian politician
Luigi SpaventaItaly5 March 19346 January 2013Single Bilderberger Italian politician
Altiero SpinelliItaly31 August 190723 May 1986
Barbara SpinelliItaly
Ugo StilleItaly3 December 19192 June 1995
Giulio TremontiItaly18 August 19474 time Bilderberger, 4 time Italian Minister of Economy and Finances
Nicola TufarelliItaly31 March 1923
Vittorio VallettaItaly28 July 188310 August 1967
Alessandro VanzettoItaly
Ignazio ViscoItaly21 November 1949
Paolo VittorelliItaly
Paolo ZannoniItalyItalian businessmen, banker, Bilderberg Steering committee, Goldman Russia

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